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Leipzig on Rails

Ruby / Rails User Group Leipzig


There is no Event planned right now, the Usergroup usually meets every third Thursday of the month and still looking for a location.

The next Ruby / Rails Meeting is supposed to be on June 20, 2019 19:00.

Past events


Do you want to give a Talk at the Ruby Usergroup or do you have additional Topics to talk about? Then send us an E-Mail or ping us on Twitter: @LeipzigOnRails

  • Thomas Metzmacher
  • Christoph Petschnig
  • Wolfgang Teuber

Usergroups need engaging People. If you think some Topic is missing, or you want to have more Infos on something, you are encouraged to add it to our Wishlist. If you have an Idea for a Talk or anything else add it here to get instant Feedback of the Ruby / Rails Community.


The LoR is a usergroup, group of interest or just a bunch of people loving Ruby. Get in contact with us at our next meetup! Newbees are always welcome.

  • Andreas Haller
  • Michael Quaas
  • Sebastian Korfmann
  • Anna Costalonga
  • Christof Glaser
  • Jan Biedermann
  • Tilo Dietrich
  • Ray Wojciechowski
  • Martin Eismann
  • Alexander Rothe
  • Michael
  • fejao
  • saul duphraigne
  • Benjamin Stawitz
  • Wolfgang Teuber
  • Thomas Pfeiffer
  • Christoph Petschnig
  • Tim Regener
  • Elias Saalmann
  • Maximilian Haack
  • Robert Schulze
  • Rico Schulz
  • CoreData
  • Thomas Fiedler
  • vinett GbR
  • Alexander Huber
  • Stephan Schubert
  • Herbert Maschke
  • Patrick Helm
  • Daniel Schmidt
  • Enrico Genauck
  • Sam
  • Jan M
  • Andreas Schneider
  • defkef
  • Thomas Metzmacher
  • Torsten Schönebaum
  • Sebastian Marr
  • LeFnord
  • Markus Zapke
  • BabyCthulhu
  • Daniel Lohse
  • Juli
  • Martin Baum
  • Benjamin Knofe
  • martin-
  • szombath
  • rzschoch
  • Com training in LE
  • Martin
  • Robert Reif

Mailing List

The Mailinglist is a tool to just stay up-to-date or to even get involved in discussions. It is used to inform everyone about News via e-mail who signed up for it. Organizational, technical and other interesting topics are discussed and coordinated here. No ads - no dread.


These are the Locations our usergroup usually takes place.

A lot of the Members of the Ruby Usergroup are working there too and we love to see new faces around.

If you think that a Company is missing, send us an E-Mail or Direct-Message to @LeipzigOnRails